Sap rising … ?

I note with some consternation that my last post was last spring … something to do with sap rising …?  But today has been so glorious it couldn’t go unremarked.  Particularly glorious, of course, because I’m at home … which wasn’t originally the plan.  The work I’m doing at the moment is keeping me a lot […]


Well:  last post:  26th of September.  And here we are in March 2011 … it’s high time, isn’t it? And it’s Spring;  and it’s my birthday weekend (and therefore my real New Year), and I promised myself that – around now – I’d re-start lots of things.  So here we are.  Not much more to share with you today than […]

First Fire

  There’s definitely something primal and satisfying about the first fire you light in your new house.  So primal, obviously, that it inspired me to blog for the first time since .. um .. Independence Day (see below … ) Lots has happened in the in-between time;  and I sometimes puzzle vaguely about why – having so […]

phew! … we still love it …

In London now, but belatedly catching up on the excitements of the last few days … notably the second visit to the house we’re in the process of buying near Bath.  Slightly nerve-wracking in prospect (would we still like it …?  etc);  but in the end it looked and felt even more beautiful than we’d […]