Sap rising … ?

I note with some consternation that my last post was last spring … something to do with sap rising …?  But today has been so glorious it couldn’t go unremarked.  Particularly glorious, of course, because I’m at home … which wasn’t originally the plan.  The work I’m doing at the moment is keeping me a lot […]


Ziplining.  Fabulous fun;  plus a great chance to bump and grind up the old cane roads through the old plantations, and into Kauai’s backcountry with someone who knows where they’re going … This old caldera is (apparently) just about the wettest place in the world in terms of the number of days per year that […]

The Baldwin House

While I’m here, I’ve been re-reading James A. Michiner’s Hawaii;  of which one of the most enthralling parts (for Occidentals) is section about the arrival of the Congregationalist missionaries in 1819, and their (and other westerners’) subsequent impact on the islands and the islanders. There’s a lot of sadness.  When Captain Cook landed almost 40 […]

Cheeseburger in Paradise

Interesting.  Next to Oahu, Maui is said (slightly de haut en bas, by the locals) to be the next most “Californianized” (or even “Californicated”) of the Hawaiian islands.  But – as the guide books say – it gets away with it because it is … beautiful.  Absolutely beautiful.  And bountiful. Even the “Cheesburger in Paradise” […]