On fire

For someone leaving one career behind for another, it was an afternoon replete with metaphor:  Drake decided to do the annual burn of their slice of prairie.  Very primal.  Bye bye old … hello new. Tony helped, wielding the fire-starter with slightly worrying abandon (see his description here). Below:  three of me (completely unintentionally) living […]

On the road

It’s so appropriate that we should come here first after leaving Chicago.  When we first arrived in the US, in 2007, we spent a blissful week here (the first of many visits). What a welcome to the Midwest.  And now:  what a farewell.  Total relaxation.  Good company.  Good food.  Nothing particular to do.  Nowhere particular […]

Visitors, and weird, wintry mental leaps

We absolutely love having visitors.  Well:  we love having good visitors …!  We’ve just said goodbye to Agneta and her daughter Lisa, who’ve been with us for a week.  They definitely fall into the ‘good visitor’ category:  relaxed, good fun, interesting, interested, independent … It helps, of course, to live in a house that’s got […]

Stabat Mater

Hmmm.  First post since January the 2nd.  I’m afraid I haven’t been feeling very chatty.  Or – perhaps more accurately – the things that have been occupying my mind haven’t been suitable for sharing (some because they’re personal to other people).  One of the limitations of the blog-as-journal, I guess … Anyway:  I ventured south […]