Independence Day

July the 4th, seen from the roof of David’s house in Chelsea, where we’ve been staying while in New York City.

Completely by accident, in a way, that we ended up being here on this night;  and that it ended up being (almost) our last day in the US.  Unintended as it was, it turned out to be the perfect punctuation mark to round off our American experience:  a celebratory Exclam! Close Bracket rather than the dot .. dot .. dot .. I think was still hanging at the end of the line when I left Chicago with just over 3 months ago.

Which means it feels like Independence Day for me too.  Today we pack up and board the Queen Mary II and sail out of New York harbour, bound for Southampton and home.  As America slips away – with some great memories attached, and not just from this summer – I think I’ll peacefully slip my moorings from the old job too, and leave it behind (also with great memories attached).

See you all on the other side …


2 thoughts on “Independence Day

  1. It’s so strange that you’re doing the reverse emigration that is so familiar to us Americans!! I hope you find your ‘better life’ on this side of the pond!!

    Enjoy the trip, and welcome home!

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