Radio silence

I feel a little guilty about the radio silence of late.  But only a little.  And renewed flutters of interest in what’s going on in the world at large (“gosh:  has there been an election in the UK then …?”) suggest that some channels, at least, might recently have re-opened.

In the first two or three weeks after leaving Chicago – particularly in Hawaii – I felt quite strongly about keeping up the rhythm of recording our various doings, and the things we’d seen.  Looking at it in retrospect, though, it’s more travelogue than blog;  and probably more displacement activity than anything else.  I remember hearing once that if you want a true holiday, you need at least 3 weeks;  the theory being that – if you’ve got a busy and challenging life – it takes 2 weeks for the mind and body actually to reach a useful level of relaxation, and that you need to remain there for a few days to reap any lasting benefits.  I think I reached that tipping point around the time we returned to Waikiki for our last 7 days … which, you’ll notice, is also when the blog posts started to dry up …!

That was 4 weeks ago though (4 weeks …!).  Time to start re-connecting.  And not just by this means either … I’ve been equally slack with my in-box, and have barely switched on my phone. Until I catch up with myself again, expect a hodge-podge of images and reflections from the last 4 weeks mixed in with more contemporaneous stuff.  As book-ends:  (below) view from the Waikiki sun-lounger;  and (above) a warehouse on one of our walks on San Francisco’s Embarcadero.


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