Wild and gorgeous

San Francisco is blessed, no doubt about it.  Although – like most places – it’s charms are most evident when it’s sunny.  I remember being bitterly disappointed the first time we came, in 1999.  It was the end of July and (typically for the time of year, as we later discovered …) it was 11 C / 55 F, grey and drizzling.  Everything looked drab.  I caught a cold, and snivelled for the whole week.  Poor little me …

However:  as if to make up for that first impression, the city’s treated us lushly ever since.  I enjoy it more (and find it more beautiful) each time I come back.   Today’s walk:  from Crissy Field, just east of the Golden Gate Bridge, back along the peninsula’s north shore to Pier 39, where we fell gratefully into a taxi.  Above & below some shots from Golden Gate Promenade, between Crissy Field and the Marina, where they’ve been restoring the native salt marsh plant life.  Wild and gorgeous.


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