A Room with a View

I’m in Pittsburgh, at the airport hotel. Maybe not your idea of a view (admittedly it’s zoomed in). But – if I widen my focus – it’s really quite grand. Planes landing & taking off at one corner of my vision (it’s a real airport hotel: just a stroll from Arrivals); and, at the other corner, this epic long-stay car park stretching to the hills …

Unintentionally I’ve (once again …) found a metaphor for life in today’s photo. I realize I’ve been very zoomed in on the downsides of this short work interlude I’m on. So, despite nearly a month off in Hawaii (and with more sloth in San Francisco in prospect) I’ve been in an arms-folded, pouty sulk for the last 48 hours. Since I got here, though, I’ve been able to widen my focus. It’s actually been great to see and catch up with some old coaching colleagues and friends; plus meet some new ones. I got to sit in on a presentation by Bill Strickland (amazing: probably more on him another time), which I’d have missed if I’d said “no” to the job.

So: here I am … mildly chastened, and .. um .. sort of looking forward to working tomorrow and the next day …


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