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It’s our four days of hedonistic luxury in Maui.  Today:  Snuba.  The advantage over Scuba is that (as you can see) you don’t have to cart the tank on your back;  it floats on the surface on a little raft instead, and you’re connected via an air-hose.  The disadvantage, of course, is that you can only go as deep as the air-hose is long (about 25ft in this case).

I’m sure there’s a metaphor for life in there somewhere if I think about it hard enough. Choose less risk and effort = accept limitations on freedom.  Or maybe the slightly more Calvinist interpretation might be:  choose moderation in all things, and there’ll be a natural limit on how far you can sink …

Either way:  it was a fantastic experience.  I hadn’t Scuba-dived since University, and I’d actually forgotten that couple of minutes of slight panic as your brain adjusts to the fact that you’re under water, yet can still breathe.  Also – counter-intuitively – that it’s breathing out that requires the effort;  while breathing in – with a pressurized tank at the other end –  is just a case of  letting go.

Inversions.  I think inversions are good every now and then.  Shake up your perception;  and remind you that the right-way-up-ness of things is to be savoured, and not taken for granted.


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