Steak ‘n shaken up

(click to enlarge)

Grrrrrr.   Woken up by the turkeys (who – as you’ll remember from this post – are feeling the sap rising as much as the trees are).  The competition to see who could make the most noise under our window started around 05.30am, driving me blearily upstairs to make the coffee.

Probably no bad thing mind you, as I was in the grip of a nightmare:  I ‘remembered’ in my dream that I’d accepted not one but two jobs (working for the EU, interestingly …) and was due to start both next week!  Awake, I remembered that I’d hit “send” yesterday on the last of the four pieces of work I’d promised to do after leaving the Office last week (hurrah!). Maybe I’m having subconscious separation anxiety …

Could also have been the vast late night blow-out at Steak ‘n Shake working its substantial way round my system.  After several days of being deliciously good, and picking delicately from Jan’s fresh veggie bar (see Tony’s post) that guacamole steakburger with fries and a side of spaghetti chilli tasted so good …


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