Swinging in the wind

Last night's bed

I decided – because it’s the kind of mad thing you’re allowed to do on holiday – that I’d try sleeping in the hammock in the screen porch last night.  Very cozy.  And swinging gently in the wind (as it were) was very soothing.  That same wind was also making the wind chimes go like the clappers, though;  and that – together with the coyotes, tree frogs, and other noise-makers – eventually encouraged me back downstairs to bed to finish the night.

Reminded me (in a nice way) of sleeping in a tent.  More camping when we get back to Europe I think;  and we can go tramping with Daisy.  Mind you:  accustomed as she is to her designer dog-house I’m not sure she’s the kind of pooch to enjoy slumming it in a pup tent …


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