Farewell gift

The gift of a full moon rising over the lake.  What better way could Chicago say goodbye?

Flew back from London today to find that Tony’s got the packing pretty much sorted.  Indeed I’m not sure the packers and removal men will have all that much to do tomorrow apart from the fragile stuff.

Fragile stuff, fortunately, no longer includes me.  The intensity of the last few weeks’ preparations did bring me uncomfortably closer to the edge than I’ve felt for a while.  But the last four days (on Jan’s course in London) let me decelerate a bit.  Shaving on Saturday morning, I looked in the mirror and thought: “hmmm … my eyes are shiny … that hasn’t happened in a while!”.

Sadly I noticed at the same time that my waist was the size of Saturn’s rings, but we’ll gloss over that bit …


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