We’ve scented blood;  and are in a bit of a tidying-frenzy at the moment (gay-man spring-clean equivalent of a feeding-frenzy …).

Anyway:  gender-assignment-stereotypes to one side:  having (miraculously, in my eyes) entirely digitized our combined music and video collections … plus a lot more besides …  Tony, over the last few weeks, has been joyously e-Bay-ing all our CDs and DVDs.

This evening, it suddenly occurred to us that my (not-insignificant) vinyl collection (which – let’s face it – has been sealed in a box for the last seven years …) ought probably to be catalouged and sold along with those trendy, modern, up-to-the-minute, new-fangled “compact disc” thingies that Tony’s been advertising on that amazing new interweb whatnot that people seem to be finding so useful …

So:  anyway:  I entered the Chamber of Doom (aka:  the box room);  dragged out the crate of vinyl;  and – with the Director of Antiquities present – broke the seal.  I’m recording my impressions straight away, just in case some sort of Pharaoh’s Curse should descend (there was a lot of dust …).  But a number of things were amazing:

(a)  like riding a bicycle (allegedly), you just don’t forget all those childhood lessons about how to handle a piece of vinyl … sliding it lovingly out of its sleeve, with your forefinger on the label in the centre, and your thumb on the edge of the disc to prevent scratches and smudges. Tony, the (5-crucial-years-younger) Director of Antiquities, was transfixed;

(b)  notwithstanding (a) above, I have absolutely no desire to own a record deck that can play vinyl;

(c)  the truth of (b) above made it all the more urgent to list every piece of vinyl I had, so that I can download from iTunes the things I decide I still care about;

(d)  in my most fertile record-buying period (1978 – 1982) a degree of peer pressure (Rainbow Motorhead … Genesis Status Quo …) is evident;  alongside some brave stabs at non-conformity (ABBA Lene Lovitch … Blondie … Cindi Lauper …);

(e) there’s an awful lot from the eighties – straddling both the peer-pressure and the non-conformist strands –  from the time I went to high-school and university, that still stands the test of time.

Perhaps more on all of this later … if Pharaoh permits …


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