With extreme cold comes extreme dryness.  And I really mean extreme. Especially if you live in a building where all your air comes through ducts.

Being Scottish, you can imagine that this idea of winter dryness was one of the things I really looked forward to when I was contemplating Chicago’s climate. Mostly, I have to say, my hopes haven’t been disappointed.  We’ve had an unbroken run of several days where – putting aside the fact that it is so cold that the inside of your nose freezes when you breathe in – the weather has been stunning.  Fierce sun … clear, crystaline light … bright blue skies.

We’ve discovered, however, that dryness also requires some adjustments … unless you want your skin to drop off in scaly lumps.  This weekend saw the humidifiers (above) being rolled out of storage, cleaned, de-scaled, and turned on (they’ll be with us through April, at which point – hopefully – they’ll go back into mothballs).  Below:  the ever-present family-sized bucket of body lotion.

Don’t ask about the penguin.  That a whole other story …


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