When I said in my last, insomniac post that “at least there are things to look at as I wander the flat”, this really wasn’t the kind of thing I had in mind (or would ever want to see):  an apartment in the building opposite has caught fire … aarrghhh!


Fortunately, we’re also directly opposite the Fire Station, and there are about 16 Fire Trucks wailing around the building already.  Also (inevitably …) a news helicopter thrumming overhead (see below).

I pray the apartment was empty …

Tony (whom I woke up) has sharper photos.  See them here.

The original reports said that – amazingly – there had been no serious casualties.  But overnight we heard that the owner of the apartment had later died of smoke inhalation.  Tragic.  And it always – rightly or wrongly – feels more so at this time of year.  Really makes you think.


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