It’s happened again … <sigh> … 2nd time in three days that I’ve gone to bed, lain wide awake for a while;  then – eventually – had to give up, get up, make myself a herbal tea, and try and do something relaxing & diverting like read.  Or post a blog.

At least there are pretty things to look at while I wander the flat.  For example:  the photo above, which Tony took from the bedroom window just before we went to bed.  It’s stopped snowing;  but it’s still howling a gale out there (minus 9C), and the chains that open & close the blinds are still thwacking ominously against the wall in time to the sway of the building.  Perfect ambience for ghost stories …

Of which I have several.  But maybe another time.  I might spook myself. More than the insomnia has spooked me already …


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