Horizontal drift

One day I might get round to replacing this photo with a video … at which point everything will make sense.

But – for the moment – suffice it to say that the chains in the picture (which operate the blinds … or ‘shades’ as I believe they’re called in the US …) are thwacking madly, but rhythmically, against the wall;  one of the very few signs we ever get that this – like all tall buildings – moves in the wind.

We’re on the 61st floor here, so about 200m (650 ft) in the air;  so our normal range of horizontal motion is 13 or 14cm (6″).  Only once have we actually been able to feel it physically (that was quite a storm …).  Normally, we need to rely on other signals, like the blind-cords thwacking against the wall, books falling over, or the sound of the walls groaning and creaking (the epicentre of which noise – annoyingly – is in our bedroom).  But it’s amazing how quickly you tune it out when you’re tired and comfortable …

Below:  the crack in the wall, and the slight tilt in the picture, are two of the physical signs of horizontal drift.


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