Overnight low

Oooooh … 5 ˚Fahrenheit  … that’s   15˚C  to you & me.  Minus 15.

Major winter storm on the way.  In fact, with sleet and hail driving horizontally against the windows as we speak, it’s probably fairly safe to say that it’s already here …

So nice to be safe & warm.

Looking at this post reminds me, however, that only 4 weeks ago it was 71 ˚Fahrenheit / 21˚C.  Amazing how the infrastructure here copes with it:  depths in the minus 30’s & 40’s Celcius;  and highs in the high 30’s & low 40’s Celcius in summer.

Well:  it doesn’t cope completely I suppose … pot-holes in May … the odd derailment drama in August.   Sterling stuff all the same …


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