Serious hat day

There are many, many things I love about Chicago winters.  Today had lots of them.  Crisp, dry cold.  Brilliant sunshine.  Twinkly lights on all the trees. Fabulous Christmas decorations.

But today was also the day when one of the few downsides kicked in too:  it was the first serious ‘hat day’.

I hate wearing hats.  But the alternative (having your ears drop off, and then dying of hypothermia) being even less appealing; one bows to the inevitable.

The above was actually taken in March, in a photo-booth in Lincoln Park Zoo.  But it does faithfully record the actual hat, scarf and sunglasses combination that occurred today.  The only point of difference to note between then and now relates to Tony’s hair, which is now about 10-times longer (ie half an inch).  Looking more like George Clooney by the day.  Only more gorgeous (obviously).


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