The Dredge

One of the few shining lights in the grim, hamster-wheel professional/ social-obligation darkness that is the October – December period is The Dredge, otherwise known as the Great Lakes Dredge and Philharmonic Society (don’t ask …).  It’s a male voice choir, celebrating its 75th Anniversary this year, which is rooted in this part of Chicago.  It forms up every October and rehearses a repertoire of Christmas carols, which we then perform in hospitals, retirement communities and other venues throughout December.

I love it.  Unabashedly.  I admit that, when invited to join, I at first approached it with some caution:  (a) never having sung in a choir before;  and (b) being a perfectionist, I wasn’t at all sure I’d be ‘good enough’.  Now: who cares?!

Tonight was great:  I hosted the last rehearsal of the year at home;  and Tony took some photos and video.  If I manage to work out how to post a snippet of video, I’ll do so … but in the meantime you’ll just need to make do with a (silent) still …

OK … OK … Stop Press:  Tony’s managed to incorporate the video snippet (below):

[VIMEO 7991437 w=410&h=255]

Dredge Rehearsals from Anthony Stewart on Vimeo.


2 thoughts on “The Dredge

  1. Dear James–in my exalted capacity as Historian of the Dredge I discovered this blog entry of yours. Thank you! And thanks to Tony for the terrific video–the only one I know of that gives our noble Bass section the attention we deserve but so seldom receive. Warmest wishes till we sing again, Bob

  2. I can see you and hear thoroughly enjoying yourself James. Now that you have caught the choir singing bug keep going!! Bath will offer you a wide range of choice for this and as you have discovered it is such FUN.

    Love to you both, Janice

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