2009 11 15 From the Bedroom Window (2)

I’ve been semi-berating myself for spending (nearly) the whole weekend in a bubble.  The last few weeks, I’ve just been ‘out there’ too much.  It’s been at least one thing – if not two – every night (including most weekend nights) … and, however great the individual events are, eventually I need to recharge.

So:  probably to Tony’s chagrin (since he barely gets to see me in the week), I lay down on the sofa on Saturday morning, picked up an ancient book (Shogun … one I’ve read before a thousand times, and is therefore completely undemanding), and refused to budge.  Or even grunt.  Except to have a massage this morning, and then a hot bath, both of which were bloody fantastic.  I’m a man reborn.  Such a luxury to be able to be so completely self-indulgent for a weekend … <happy sigh> …

Anyway:  this was all about bubbles.  As I say:  I was semi-berating myself for shutting myself up in my own bubble for the weekend;  but just going into the bedroom to turn the covers down and shut the blinds, and I was struck by the hundreds of bubbles I could see all around me.  Maybe I’m not such a bad person after all …
2009 11 15 From the Bedroom Window


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