Modern Pharos

2009 11 08 Sears Tower as Lighthouse

Although I love the view from it, and it was the world’s tallest building for many years, I’m not ordinarily a massive fan of how the Sears Tower (sorry … Willis Tower now) looks from the outside.  It’s got an odd clumpy, blocky quality to it like 70’s platforms (although I see that even they are making a comeback).  But on Sunday … wow!  Sun shining off it at just the right angle, and it really does look like the triumphant reincarnation of Pharos, doesn’t it? (that’s a rhetorical question by the way:  you’re not actually invited to disagree ….)

This is also an opportunity to give a big “hurrah!” for Chicago’s climate in what is, after all, November.  Gorgeous sunny days … bright, clear blue skies … and temperatures between 13C and 23C (55F and … occasionally … 75F) … <happy sigh> …

Below is a brilliant picture of Tony’s of the new sticky-out glass-floored balconies they’ve installed in the westerly face of the (now) Willis Tower.  He took it from the ground, but zoomed in so that you can see the spectators’ feet at 1,000 feet … wonderfully disorientating.  Further down is one of me just admiring the view from Northerly Island.

2009 11 07 (5) Sears Tower Glass Balconies

2009 11 08 JC & Chicago Skyline


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