In the spotlight

2009 11 11 Caught the light

Finally getting round to downloading the photos from the last few weeks and realizing how much there is to catch up with.  I feel a lot of short (and out-of-order) posts coming on …

But here’s a quick starter:  I’ve done a lot on the brilliant light effects looking out of the windows from this place;  but it can be equally dazzling inside … as the morning sun swings round and just spotlights random objects.  Gorgeous.  Here it’s this year’s family photo (in Alaska for mum & dad’s 60th Wedding Anniversary;  the two ‘Tony & James’ dogs (Tony – bien sur – being the perky one on the right);  and a bit of Charlotte’s gorgeous Views from an Island diptych in the background.

Charlotte’s paintings (for some of her equally gorgeous and more recent stuff see here ) were the first original pieces of art I’d ever bought.  It felt like a huge investment at the time (I was broke, having spent all my money on partying …).  But they’ve travelled around the world with me ever since;  and I still drink them in every day.


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