I can see for miles and miles

20090913 In the Air (3)

A brilliant weekend in Washington with Menna & Mark and the kids (on which maybe more later), preceded by a few good ‘work’ days in DC too.

The above from the plane on the way home.  Having lent Tony my Economist (he’d run out of reading material), I settled down to do what I really love on plane journeys;  which is to put on my headphones, listen to music, and stare out of the window.  The ‘people’ demands of my life are really satisfying (and probably what I live for);  but I do need to re-charge.  And there aren’t many better isolation tanks than an aeroplane …

Months ago, well before the current debate on US healthcare reform had even started (let alone reached fever pitch), I was lining up at O’Hare for a flight to London.  I was accosted by a man, who’d heard my British accent, and who came out with all this completely barmy stuff about the NHS.  I can’t even remember which caricature it was that made me laugh out loud and suggest he broaden his sources of news and information; but he was immediately hooked, and asked if he could spend the flight with me learning more about our system.  I’m still slightly ashamed to have demurred … and not to have properly explained that flights are a precious ‘bubble’ for me … a space where there are no demands to engage beyond the service trolley and the window;  and where I can just let my mind roam and my battery recharge.

20090913 In the Air


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