Staring at the wall

20090904 (4) Bloomington Bricks

You see some lovely things when you’re staring blankly at brick walls … like this late evening light just playing on the surface (yes:  you can tell I’m still half in that ‘weirdly detached from the world’ frame of mind …).

Sometimes I need these times though, however unproductive they seem on one level.  I’m never really sure what it is my brain is doing … sorting … processing … filing … probably deleting … a bit of photoshop-ing of memories. Whatever:  when I emerge, I know there’ll be a bit more room for other stuff than there’s been lately.  Or so I tell myself …

Liked the one below too:  I was staring blankly at this window (which happens to be just to the right of the brick wall) when Tony appeared.  Looks like he’s reflected (like the greenery);  but he’s actually on the other side of the glass. Interesting though:  you see it all on one plane … but actually some of it’s behind you, and some is in front.  Hmmmm.

20090904 (5) Bloomington Glass Tony


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