Head in the Clouds

20090904 (2) Clouds from the Den

Talking yesterday about that ‘weird sense of detachment’ you get sometimes when you’re ill …

Well:  I was reminded again today that there’s not much my living space would – or could – do to contribute to any sense of groundedness I might hope to achieve.  Above:  the view from my desk at home at 10.00 this morning.  Below:  the same, but a few minutes later.

Deeply, deeply strange.

20090904 (3) Buildings through Clougs

Talking of ‘strange’ … I must double-check this fact, but I think I’m right in remembering that the Arabic for ‘strange’ is the same as ‘western’ or ‘from the west’ … a reference to the ‘western desert’, which is the Arabic name for what we call the sahara (‘sahara’ just being the Arabic for ‘desert’) … so, by definition, everything on your side of the desert was normal and known … everything unknown, and therefore strange, came from the other side of the desert, from the west (out of respect for Gary Larson, I’m doing everything I can to avoid saying ‘from the Far Side …’).

There are things lying deep in language that we’re barely aware of …


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