Laid back on vertigo

20090830 (2)

Chicago’s the original home of the skyscraper (did you know that …?) and – of course – home of the tower-formerly-known-as-the-Sears-Tower … now officially the Willis Tower, after the (British) Insurance Company that recently bought the naming rights (did you know that …?).  Whatever its name:  it’s still the tallest building in America, with – as of a few weeks ago – some new, scary, sticky-out glass-floored balconies, which we haven’t tried yet.

So:  it’s well-known for its verticals.  Nice example above from the lakefront near our house today.

Possibly less well-known are Chicago’s horizontals … beautiful deep, wide views.  No doubt I’ll bring you more from a horizontal perspective later;  but today’s laid-back starters (below) are of Oak Street Beach, where the summer’s beach volleyball finals are taking place, and one of the city from the end of the breakwater at North Avenue Beach.

By the way:  for the as-yet-uninitiated, click on the picture to get a full-sized version.

20090830 (3)

20090830 (4)


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