Just another pic in The Wall (cont.)

1968 Muiredge

Another from my pile of old pictures being scanned for the digital photowall.  In general, while liberal in my use of embarrassing photos of other people, I tend to avoid embarrassing ones of myeslf.  Or indeed any ones of myself …!  But I thought this was was embarrassing in a cute sort of way;  and it made me remember that – yes – I was that innocent once …

It’s actually my first ever school photo (Muiredge Primary School in Uddingston, since you ask;  1968 …).  The great thing about being a schoolkid in Uddingston was (and I think still is) that it’s the home of the Tunnocks factory.  Tunnocks, for the uninitiated, being the makers of Caramel Wafers, Chocolate Tea-Cakes, Snowballs, and other such non-slimming Scottish gustatory delights.  If you stopped at the factory door on the way home from school, the kind ladies would give you rejects from the production line.  There were no downsides to this transaction as – at age 5 – I hadn’t yet developed the child-bearing hips …

Later in life (in the summer of 1982 to be precise) I worked a summer on a production line myself … 9 weeks 7-day-a-week night-shift at Elba Growers in Eyemouth, which produced frozen veg.  The rejects from that line went into making a well-known brand of pickle, of which (amazingly …) I’m still fond.  Ah … memories …


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