American Memories


Loyal readers (all three of you …) will remember I’m very, very gradually scanning in all of the pictures I used to hang on my photo-wall.  OK … OK … admittedly the last mention of this project was (scrolling back … scrolling back …) on the 18th of May.  So if you do remember, you win a major prize. Major.  A personal e-mail for example.

Anyway:  tonight it so happened that two very American memories were on the top of the pile.  Above:  Tony & I, in July 1999, completely dumbstruck by the Grand Canyon … one of those rare places in the world that seems to exceed everyone’s (high) expectations.  We were no exception.  We came back that night, and had (or so it seemed) the whole south rim of the canyon to ourselves;  and watched the full moon rise.  Astonishing.

Synchronicity that my hand should light on this particular photo.  Our great 1999 fly-drive holiday was the first time Tony & I had spent more than a few days at a time in each other’s company (when we met, and for a while afterwards, I was living in Germany and he was living in England).  I had just moved back home … and into his house in Grierson Road.  Years later, I said to a friend of the ’99 holiday that it was our first big holiday together and “it almost split us up”.  Tony (genuinely astonished) said:  “did it …?!”.  I think maybe I’ve become a better communicator since then …

But back to the synchronicity:  just in the last few days, Tony’s been looking at ways to make sure we re-visit – before we leave the US – the best parts of the ’99 trip;  but this time to do it properly and really relish the experience.  It’ll be great.

Below:  another American memory, now tinged with sadness when I look at it.  We were having a great time (and don’t we look young?).  But little did we know:   summer 2001;  New York;  top of the World Trade Center …



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