20090809 Back Home

Back home to some of the freakishly beautiful light-on-lake-and-cloud effects which we’re fortunate enough to see regularly from here.  The clouds were slightly less of a gorgeous experience to fly through mind you … but the worst effects were cushioned by our having been bumped up to first class on the flight – I was so chuffed!  The kind of thing that (almost) never happens to me.  (Poor me, eh …? funnily enough I’m not sensing much sympathy out there …)

Anyway:  we had a brilliant time in Europe.  Even the work bits were good.  But – as ever after a long trip – it’s still good to be home.

Home.  Hmmmm … interesting concept.  I’ve had so many.  On this trip alone, we stayed at two:  the Residence in Luxembourg (home for nearly 4 years;  now home to Andrea & Peter and their family … and of course still Daisy);  and with Alix & Cherry in Grierson Road, two doors down from our home of 5 years (the first home Tony & I shared).  We visited what we hope will be our future home, in Avoncliff, near Bath.   We stayed at my mum & dad’s, which was (briefly) my home too;  and was the home I left from when – in 1985, aged 22 – I went off to live in Berlin.  My dad took me to the bus station in Hamilton.  Poor man:  I can still remember the worry on his face when he put me on the bus to London;  from where I took the boat train from Victoria, via Paris, to Berlin.  The trains were chained and padlocked shut for the transit through East Germany (amazing now to think that I’d got that far without understanding that West Berlin was an ‘island’ in East Germany, rather than just a city straddling the border).  I woke up at dawn, as the train juddered to halt just outside the Wall, to see Russian soldiers patrolling the platform with dogs … the first small inkling that dad’s anxiety might be entirely justified …

Ah well.  No money … no job … no contacts … no german … no clue.  Absolutely no clue.  I should have ended up as dog-food, really (and did end up sleeping on a park bench for a while).  But the triumph-against-adversity is probably a story for another time …

The interesting question is how the hell my mind took me (in an instant) from the lakeside photo of Chicago to a park bench in Berlin …?  I suppose – on the ‘home’ theme – that Berlin (West) was where I first started, as an adult, to put my own concept of home together.

Anyway:  ’nuff said for now.  It’s 20.15 Chicago time, and 02.15 body-clock time, so I should probably press the pause button before I start talking in circles.


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