On the front line

20090803 Roquemadour (3)

The front line in the wars between the English & French crowns for 300 years (1150’s to 1450’s) and then – when finally French – at the heart of the religious wars (in the late 1500’s), it’s maybe not surprising that the Dordogne is fortified up to the eyeballs.  Gorgeous as it looks today – that’s Roquemadour above – it can’t have been a lot of fun back then …

Sun and honey-coloured sandstone help cast a rosy glow.  And a few hundred years.  Not that it need take that long to forget:  a couple of weeks ago I got dad talking a little bit about some of his experiences in WWII (where he fought in Italy).  Like many (most …?) in that generation, he almost never talks about it.  But when he did … an insight into something grim beyond my generation’s imagination (well:  at least the portion of my generation that hasn’t been in the forces, or caught up in more recent wars).

Hmmm … well that was unexpected.  On holiday … go to a local beauty spot … end up musing on death & destruction … although in sort of a good way, I suppose …

Anyway:  Mary’s back from Paris.  Dinnertime.  More later.


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