20070801 Arlie (10)

I love it when – thanks to the wonders of modern technology (and thanks to Tony for showing me how to work it, without my having to go through the relatively slower process of working it out for myself …) – I can take a photo, and within minutes be sharing it with my adoring public.  All 12 of you.  Bless you all!

Anyway:  this was more of a natural wonder.  We’re down in the Dordogne, in southern France, at Mary’s.  She – and her garden – have been withering in the heat and dryness (almost a month without rain).  But lo!  The two of us arrive (with the lovely Daisy … on which joy, more later);  and within 24 hours dark storm clouds (pictured above) are massing, and rain gusheth from the heavens.  Verily … etc.  Sadly no lightening yet … I do like a bit of lightening.  But a few promising rumbles of thunder.

Tony, meanwhile, has made us egg on toast;  and is now dipping a digestive into his tea.  Mary is on her way to Bergerac to pick up Caroline from the airport.

Last time we were here (couple of years ago), we had a real, proper, Wagnerian storm;  heading towards us up the Dordogne valley (valley pictured below … although this time just with bucolic, soft rain rather than lurid forked lightening).   Wonder why it is that I find big storms so fantastic …?  I have to admit that it is one of those things that I’ll miss when I move back to the UK … even our wildest storms are a bit ho-hum compared to a summer storm here or (even more so) the US.  But then again, Britain has other things going for it …

20070801 Arlie


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