Driving Miss Daisy

20090731 Arlie (11)

We drove Daisy down here with us, so this week’s a special treat!  Tony & Daisy between them helped me rediscover (fortunately before it was too late in life …) what play is all about;  and the importance – every now and then – of living in the moment … something I’m usually too busy worrying about the future to enjoy properly.

When we’re all together, I maybe manage it about 10% of the time.  I realise now that, over the last couple of years in Chicago (and therefore Daisy-less), my percentage has slipped woefully.  Perhaps even to a fraction of 1% …

Always the same when I uproot and move.  Takes me 18 months or so to notice how hard I’m finding it to adjust.  How did it come to be that I chose a job that means moving job and country every 2 – 4 years …?  Maybe I need coaching …?

Fortunately – eventually – I always find myself in the end.  But, for me, there’s no doubt the process is always quicker when I’m not on my own.  I remember a couple of postings ago talking to a married friend with kids, and sympathising about how difficult and complicated moves for her and her family must be (I was briefly single at the time).  She acknowledged that there were some complications (schools and all that);  but that – for her – it was probably easier than it was for me in some ways, because wherever she moved to, no matter how alien a place, she always had her most important people with her.  Took me a while to recognise how true that is.

20090731 Arlie


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