Field of dreams


Spent the weekend with Joyce, Alix & Cherry (and Tony of course) in West Sussex.  On Saturday, we (and a host of other friends) were helping Paul & Pauline celebrate the opening of their new garden (see ). Looking at the photo, it’s hard to believe it’s just over a year since we squelched into what was then just a muddy field to help them plant.

The garden itself would be impressive enough.  But in the same time, they’ve also built two houses;  renovated the barn;  built the tea-room;  and a host of other things.  Testament to the power of dreams …

I was going to trot out (in coach-like fashion) the ‘anything’s possible’ line;  but thanks to Victoria (via Joyce) for reminding me and any other starry-eyed idealists out there that everything isn’t, in fact, possible.  Just you try nailing jelly to a tree …

Anyway:  it doesn’t make Paul & Pauline’s achievement any less remarkable (or beautiful).  And you couldn’t find two people more deserving of success.  I felt quite emotional as I looked at that field, and took in what they’d created.



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