Right under our noses

20090719 (7)

Spent the weekend in Scotland at Mum & Dad’s;  both of whom seem in very good form.  Dad’s very chuffed with his new HD TV (the Scottish Open was on telly …);  and almost more so with the new headphones.  I think Mum’s chuffed that he’s chuffed with the headphones, as it means she doesn’t have to listen to the sport all day …

Anyhoo:  amazing what you can miss when it’s right under your nose.  We found a fantastic walk you can do from mum & dad’s.  Gorgeous.  I’ve known the house for 30 years, and always sort of knew there was a nice walk up over the braes towards Sandford & Strathaven … but never quite made the effort to find it.  What else is out there, really close, that I’d find if only I made a little effort …?

20090719 (9)


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