20090720 (14)

I was 18 when I was last here;  which makes it nearly 30 years (“No!” … “Doesn’t he look amazing for his age?” … etc).  Anyway:  I was on a biking holiday with school friends.  It was the summer between leaving school and starting University.  We arrived at night, and (unable to see much of the bridge itself) took photos of us by the sign posted by the Samaritans urging potential jumpers to ring them instead … which I remember we found hilarious in our teenage way!  God:  how I don’t miss being a teenager …

This time, though, we came by day, Tony & I.  Clifton is gorgeous in a deliciously Georgian and well-kept way.  And the famous bridge – Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s masterpiece (although not actually built till after he’d died …) – is gorgeous too.  As is Tony:  seen here cranking the Camera Obscura …

20090720 (9)

For more on the Clifton Suspension Bridge see


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