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Another thing not to be taken for granted.  No:  not the champagne (although that’s not to be sniffed at, of course …), but the friends.  Great night, seeing old friends, some of whom we hadn’t seen for more than a year or two.  And it made me think about one of the eventual down-sides of an itinerant lifestyle …

Stay in the same place for ever, and you have a group of friends you grow up with.  Move every three or four years, and you get better at making good friends quickly.  Perversely (if you’re like me) this makes the moves harder each time (the more quickly you put down deep roots, the harder they are to drag up when you leave).  It also leaves you (me …) with an almost unsustainable number of people you love and feel close to.

For that – and other – reasons … a powerful desire to stop moving round, stop living in hotels and in other people’s houses, and settle down somewhere where we can be us.


2 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Roll on the day when you stop moving around. Sooo looking forward to having you as near neighbours…. Hope the purchase is going through okay.

    I met up with Menna, Pammy, Gerry and Angie on Tuesday night and it made me SO HAPPY! Just wish you two had been there too.


    • God I know: really can’t wait. We’re having an absolutely lovely time, even though it’s pissing down …! Went into Bristol this morning and saw Mary, who (as we expected from the e-mail correspondence) was a complete bunny, and very confidence-inspiring. Thanks so much for the recommendation: she’s fab. (did you know her mum had died a few weeks ago by the way? Aged 103 …!) Also saw Lyons-Davidson’s probate people, who seem equally delightful and efficient, and with whom we signed our updated wills. Left everything to you (only kidding about that last bit …!). Hope you’re having a lovely time too!
      J xx

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