Shouldn’t be blase …

20090711 Fireworks (2)

Once a year in Luxembourg, on the eve of National Day, they have a huge firework display in the centre of town.  Thousands (probably tens of thousands) of people come from the surrounding area.  Our Residence, when we lived there, had a ring-side seat.  We loved it;  and always invited friends for a party.

In Chicago, every Wednesday and Saturday between Memorial Day and Labour Day (plus a few more days in between), they have a similar display off Navy Pier, which (as you can see) we can see from the windows of our apartment.  Slightly spooky looking down on a firework display to begin with.  But the fact that it’s twice a week has started to make us a bit blase about it …

It’s a risk in life.  When we first marvelled at the view from this apartment, our predecessors said: “oh you stop noticing it after a few days”.  I was so horrified, I determined never to let the same thing happen (which I haven’t:  even after nearly two years I admire it nearly every day).  But there are so many other things I’ve done and experienced that I take far too much for granted, and don’t savour enough.  Chatting to other folks on the boat today about their travels;  and found we’d been to many of the same amazing places.  But comparing stories also made me remember how special my experience of some of the places was.  Actually living in Cairo, and going horseriding (alone) out into the desert by the pyramids at dawn on weekend mornings, before anyone else was there.  Getting into Angkor Wat the day after a (war-related) travel ban was lifted;  so – once again – getting that amazing site almost to myself and the couple of colleagues I was with.  And more recently, of course, Tony’s and my trek to Macchu Picchu;  and all the abandoned sites and cities we and our small group encountered – and got virtually to ourselves – on the way there.  Unlike Macchu Picchu itself … which was over-run with tourists who’d arrived the other way, on the train …

Lucky, lucky man.  Blase bad … savouring good …


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