20090711 Grand Vizier Sails

Woken up at 4.30 this morning by a crashing thunderstorm, and thought “oh good … the weather’s early” … meaning:  by the time 10.00 comes and we’re due on the lake, it’ll have passed over.  Which is exactly what happened.  Our friends Brian & Jim have a boat – lovely 40-odd foot yacht called the Grand Vizier – which they go out on just about every weekend day in summer, inviting friends out to lunch.  We didn’t make it AT ALL last year (which is a shame … and shameful) …  I was just travelling too much.  But today was finally the day;  and it was bloody marvellous.  Lovely company … lovely Pimms … lots of sun … great lunch … and gorgeous, cool FRESH water to dive into when we eventually pulled the sail down.  There’s something about diving into fresh rather than salt water that’s just … delicious.

Some great video clips of the sailing on Tony’s blog here.  Particularly love the feet one …


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