Back to Chicago tomorrow

Brilliant break in Bloomington … <happy sigh> … I’m a new man.  And hopefully a slightly smaller one … I’ll let you know (or not) when I get back20090707 Bloomington Chicago on the scales at home tomorrow.

Might be more glum about going back home;  but it’s only a short work week, a day on the lake on Saturday, then on Sunday we’re off to Europe!  Part work, part holiday;  but it’ll be great.  AND all things being well, we should exchange contracts on our new house:  hurrah!

20090706 SweatAnyway:  memories of Bloomington (apart from the murdered – and subsequently eaten – Turkey;  see Tony’s blog for the full horrifying details …).  Shakes (of the high-protein variety).  Sweat (lots of it … I’m determined this time).  Popcorn.  The entire series of Simon Schama’s “A History of Britain” on DVD.  Quite a bit of work.  But most of all a total & complete recharge.  Arrived a wreck.  Will leave still looking a wreck;  but at least feeling brilliant!

And last but not least on the memories:  sparklers!  (it was after all July the 4th …)

20090704 Sparklers 4th of July20090704 Sparklers (2) 4th of July


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