Are there some things in life that it’s too late to learn …?

20090706 Skates

… I think perhaps the answer is “yes”!  Dusted off the rollerblades for the first time in years, and had a totter around Jan & Drake’s driveway.  Gruesome it was:  Bambi on ice (see below …).   Tony’s just tried them too.  Sadly I wasn’t on hand with my camera … he was much too smart for that.  His verdict:  “41 year’s old:  life’s too short … you’ve just got to know when time’s up on certain things!”.  Retire gracefully, I guess …

20090706 Bambi on IceI admit to being on the rollerblades a couple of times in Luxembourg (on summer Sundays they used to close a loop of city-centre roads – which went right outside our door – so that people could skate … would have seemed churlish not to try, right?).  Had a couple of not unsuccessful Sundays, then got too cocky and had a very un-Ambassadorial collapse;  after which I decided again that discretion was maybe the better part of valour.

But the last – and only – time I did it regularly was in Bonn, skating along the Rhine with Caroline (nice long, straight path with no obstacles;  and regular benches for cigarette breaks …).

20090706 Socks & SandalsTalking of retiring gracefully … I think Tony might be there already.  Socks with sandals … never thought I’d see the day …


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