Bambi in Bloomington

Wonderful moment.  Sitting out on Jan & Drake’s patio at dusk, a young faun tiptoed into view and came up the garden towards me till it was just about 10 yards away … absolutely beautiful … and the garden dense with fireflies, which made the moment all the more special … all those little twinkling lights.  Sadly I had to move eventually, as I was also being eaten alive by mosquitoes;  and as soon as I moved, Bambi bolted … ahhhhh.

We arrived this evening, and are looking forward to a lovely relaxing long weekend over Independence Day.  Total de-stress.  Hopefully also total slim, as we’ve all promised to keep to a liquid diet.  Not my  usual liquid diet of G&Ts and coffee (!) … low-calorie protein shakes.  So between that, lots of tennis and running, I’m hoping to be a shadow of my former self by the time I get to the UK in 10 days or so … watch this (large) space …


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