20060629 Bye Bye ChicagoI don’t know why, but I’m bizzarely excited to be in Philadelphia.  Maybe because it’s one of those iconic American city names … one of those places you think you’ll probably never visit.  Or maybe it’s just because I like the cheese …

Anyway:  the photos are actually Chicago … snaps through the plane window as we took off from O’Hare.  But Philly looked equally amazing as we landed.  Huge river … lots of industry … made me realise I didn’t actually know very much about the place … too busy to do even the little bit of research I’d normally do for a holiday destination.  Because – of course – this is work;  albeit coaching work rather than the day job.  I’m delivering a half-day on coaching skills for managers for GSK tomorrow.

20090629 Downtown from the airFunny things moods.  Last night and this morning I was anxious about this trip (first time in a new place;  first time I’ve taught this particular seminar).  Now I’m all boyish excitement.  The Eeyore in me knows it won’t last though …  🙂

Blurry as it is, I love this snap here because you can see where we live (top of the reddish skyscraper at the right of the photo).  Fifth or sixth highest in Chicago … which is saying something …


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