20090624 Beach CloudAnd meanwhile, Tony & I went out for a walk on the beach at sunset …

You’d think – living a few blocks from the beach – that this is something we’d do on a regular basis;  but we’ve been amazingly neglectful of some of the things on our doorstep.  At 9.00pm it was still 3oC / 85F, and the water – as we wiggled our toes in the sand – was a very swimmable temperature (it spends a lot of its year as ice … so it takes a while in the summer to get bearable).

20090624 Beach VolleyballWe just strolled;  but others were a bit more energetic … don’t think I’ve ever seen as many volleyball nets in one place as on North Avenue beach.  It’s been a slow and testy adjustment from being on holiday to being back at work … but this is the kind of thing that definitely makes the transition easier 🙂

Nice change from work today, which was a bit .. um .. moist.  Threats of thunderstorms made the City drop the level of the river … to below the intake level for the office building’s air conditioning system (duh!).  It was over 35C / 95F as early as 10.00am … sweat-patches ‘R us … not an attractive look.


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