Bad …

Thriller1News of Michael Jackson’s death sparked off a wierd chain of reminiscence.  Predictable memories of the first time I took notice of him in his new, solo, incarnation … ie in 1982 when Thriller came out, and I was at the end of my first year of University.  27 years ago;  but I even remember the moment:  it was in Alison’s flat in Dalkeith Road after an EU Tramps night out …

Maybe just as predictably it brought back memories of Elvis’s death (yes, dear reader, I’m old enough to remember that too …), which Tony – I’m sure reliably – informs me was in 1977;  which means he was 10 and I was .. um .. a bit older.  Front page of the Daily Record in our living room in East Kilbride.  He was ‘before my time’;  but even so I was shocked.  Michael Jackson was definitely of my time … so many formative memories that have one or other of his songs as a soundtrack … so, despite the wierdness of recent years, and the lack of output, it’s still shocking that he’s not around.


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