City on the lake

20090623 City on a Lake

Completely different take on the city yesterday.  Out on an Awayday with the team at work, we chartered a three-masted sailing boat (the Red Witch) and headed out onto Lake Michigan for a couple of hours.

20090623 Losing our MarblesI can’t believe – having now been here for nearly two years – that this was my first time on the lake.  I’ve been in it of course:  the swimming’s brilliant … and there’s something delicious about diving into a freshwater wave.  But not actually on it.  Anyhoo:  the Awayday – in theory at least – was all about different perspectives, communication and teamwork (see me & Anna – pictured left – losing our marbles in some plastic piping).  But mainly it was just gorgeous:  flat calm, and 90F / 32C … <happy sigh> … am now piebald as well, with sunburnt forearms and shins;  lily-white everywhere else … most attractive.

20090623 BowspritFabulous photos – as ever – courtesy of Tony.


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