It’s a Zoo here …


It’s a Zoo.  We’ve got two sets of guests at the moment:  Alix & Cherry, and Andrew & Carly;  all of whom arrived on Friday, just in time for a fabulous Memorial Day weekend.  We took the El to Fullerton on Saturday morning, and did Tony’s and my normal walk around North Pond, and back down into the city via Lincoln Park and the Zoo.  It was gorgeous:  70-odd Farenheit / 21-22-ish Celcius, gloriously sunny and lightly breezy.  A ‘good to be alive’ day.  The photo-strip on the right shows all six mature adults trying at  various points to get into the photo booth …

Also gives me a chance to contrast it with the photo-strip of Tony & me in the same place only a few weeks ago when (as you’ll see from my tasteful hat) there was a foot of snow and it was minus several degrees.  It’s a wonder to me that they can build anything here that lasts through more than one or two seasons here …

And putting those two photo-strips in gave me the excuse to add a couple of older ones I’ve got here of our lovely Daisy.

Tony’s got some great architectural shots of our weekend with our visitors on his blog too.


One thought on “It’s a Zoo here …

  1. Hi James,

    Love the photos! Ah, 6 mature adults trying to cram into a small booth – hilarious! Thanks again for the great visit. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and it was hard to go back to work this week! I had visions that someone else should be preparing meals, serving me champagne and frozen yogurt.

    Take care,

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