For sale: baby shoes, never used

bootiesI stumbled on the Six Word Story concept fairly recently.  The original (“For sale:  baby shoes, never used”) was apparently Ernest Hemingway’s response to a challenge that he couldn’t tell a whole story in as little as six words.  He’s said to have considered it his best work (and I’m certainly not going to argue with that …).

I’m fairly useless at the art myself, but greatly enjoy brevity in others … so was delighted to find that there’s a whole website now devoted to them here .  Among my favourites so far:

I came.  I saw.  I conquered.  (OK … OK … too obvious) … Aliens came.  Saw mankind.  Left, laughing … Tree hugger meets cactus.  Reconsiders practice … Invisible man disappears.  No one notices … Drunken weekend.  Where is my kidney? …

Endless fun.  And finally:   … Open box.  Step outside.  Bigger box …



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