Just another pic in the wall …

20020525 Chef Cindy

Being such a transient for most of my life, I’ve always liked having pictures of family & friends around (particularly ones that made me laugh, or reminded me of special times).  When we lived in Grierson Road, we put up a photo-wall in the study:  lots and lots of 6×4 photos in those RIBBA Ikea frames, each one individually hung.  When we went to Luxembourg, we moved the collection … but the only available space was a rarely-visited one.  In Chicago, it’s been even worse:  since we arrived, the photos have been sitting in the box they were packed in!  And, in any case, digital’s taken over …

So today I finally started the long project of digitising the photo-wall … taking each photo out of its frame, scanning it in, and saving it into my “Wall” folder, for eventual uploading into the digital photo frame that Tony got me for Christmas.  Next will come the hundreds of packets of loose photos (not that they’re all worth keeping), the ageing photo albums, and the … um … <embarrassed cough> … slides.  Shame I’ve got work to do really:  it makes a real dent in the time I have available for social and archival activities.

Anyhoo:  the first pic that came to hand was the one of Cindy, above, who flew all the way from Boston (a) to be with us at Tony’s & my first wedding (it was pre- the Civil Partnership legislation;  but we signed the London Partnership Register, and had a big wedding ceremony in the garden at Grierson Road);  and (b) to do the catering for all our guests.  Thanks Cindy!  I can still taste the day   🙂  

Nice memories.  Expect more as I work my way through the stack of Ikea frames …


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