Massive Bunny

20090516 Lincoln Park Giant BunnyThis – as Pammy would no doubt acknowledge – is a massive bunny (private News Department joke).  Seen today in the petting zoo in Lincoln Park.  It’s almost a metre long, and looks as if it could rip your throat out.  It’s a Flemish Giant apparently (Inge:  take note;  and be very careful if you bump into one of these …).  I’m not, in general, a fan of zoos;  but the Lincoln Park one is great, is free, and is a refuge for us winter and summer.  In winter almost particularly so as the arboretum must be one of the few places within 500 miles where there’s any green or any humidity …

Summer in Lincoln Park is also time for the start of the Farmers Market, of which there are lots around the city.  Today’s had a great guitar player (pictured below).  Looking at the sunshine and the T-shirts, and people sitting on the grass, it’s hard to credit that it was only a few weeks ago that there was snow on the ground and ice on the lake …


20090516 Guitar Man Lincoln Park Farmers Market


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