Just say ‘no’ …

20090516 Pensive J on Nichols Bridge

Thank God for something uplifting this morning:  the dedication of the new Modern Wing of the Art Institute of Chicago.  Tony’s written a great post about it here , with more (and better) photos.  I get to go to a lot of ribbon-cuttings in my line of work, but this one was genuinely wonderful, and very Chicago (“big, bold, and beautiful” as one of the speakers said about the building).  I didn’t know I was in the shot when Tony took this one, on the Nichols Bridge, which links the new wing to Millennium Park.  You can see the Frank Gehry-designed Pritzker Pavillion in the background – a fantastic outdoor music venue in the park.

The reason I needed an uplift was because we went last night to a Gala Dinner which all but tipped me over the edge into darkness and despair …

As with ribbon-cuttings, I get to go to a lot of Gala Dinners in this line of work too;  and even the good ones figure right up there with root-canal treatment in my list of favourite ways to pass the time.  Last night’s, dear reader, was not good.  No.

New day … new resolution to say “no” more often.


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